Who we Are

OurSharedHealth is a social enterprise company started by two medical students and a mental health nurse. From our experiences at university and working within the healthcare system, we wanted to help students and members of the community feel more connected.

What we do

At OurSharedHealth, we strive to bring communities together to engage in healthy activities. These activities can range from sports and fitness sessions to creative classes and wellbeing workshops. We’re creating a digital platform which connects the community to activities in their local area.


A digital health platform like OurSharedHealth will provide a creative and innovative solution for the NHS and future generations.
— The Policy Institute at King's


Why we do it

Studies have shown that rates of loneliness within the community is rising. Loneliness not only leaves a person feeling isolated but it may also affect their mental and physical health too. We believe that creating a digital platform which connects people together and nurtures a healthy lifestyle will help those most vulnerable around us.

Our Supporters