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Osama Suwar

CEO & Founder

Hi! I’m Osama and I’m currently in my 4th year of studying Medicine. My passion lies in working within communities and frontline roles. I started OurSharedHealth to help connect students at university and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. My long term goal is to expand this platform to more communities within London. I’m excited to work alongside like-minded people and make a positive difference to those that need it the most.

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Fatnin Mohd Fuad

Marketing Director

Hello, my name is Fatnin and I’m currently a third year medical student. From working within healthcare to leading large-scale charity projects in the UK and abroad, I have developed a deep passion for supporting those around me, whether that be my peers, patients or entire communities. OurSharedHealth provides the perfect platform for me to combine this passion with my talents in digital marketing to ultimately create a service which supports and empowers the health of the community.

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Anna Doyle

Research & Mental Health Director

I’m Anna and I qualified as a mental health nurse in 2018, with a previous degree in Criminology and Social Policy. I love working with people to support them with their mental health and feel privileged when people share their difficult experiences with me. My work has taught me how invaluable support networks are and how peer to peer support has a power which is unique and invaluable. Working in the NHS and recognising the challenges faced by services that are in high demand has reinforced how important it is to utilise the capability of OurSharedHealth. My long term vision is for OurSharedHealth to be a key tool in preventing mental health conditions in the community.